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Having long experience in marketing we are aware of necessity of positive recognition in surrounding – through idea and quality. Despite digitalization and progressing change to virtual world we still believe that simple, durable and elegant forms of information and decoration essentially increase valuation of companies and in case of households – give positive testimony about hosts.

In our activity we intend to concentrate on signs which are one in its kind and visible for surrounding visit cards.

Enamel signs, which are the products of craft precision, engagement and passion, are extremely durable and elegant. They can be used either in decorating, advertising or informing. Their value is appreciated especially in Western Europe where this unusual art of preparing ground coating, putting layers of ceramic enamel paints, hand dusting out the patterns and burning out in temperature of over 800 degrees Celsius, finds its renaissance. The remained masters of this craftsmanship work in Poland and we want to help you to reach their exceptional masterpieces.

We design

In addition to our ideas and in order to meet your needs, we can create the signboard appropriate for the purpose and place of use. Our only limitations are technological possibilities of production. We can also transfer old images violated by the time (and events) to the electronic version and reproduce them in a brand new form.

We manufacture

Depending on the complexity of the design (specific to your needs), we manufacture the signboards using retouching, direct printing or decals method. In our work, we focus on quality, so we use high quality materials in order to give the product a good look not just after manufacture, but also for many years.

We deliver

All the ordered products can be picked up in person in Warsaw (we would be honored to welcome you in our office), or send via courier. If you use the second option, we will protect and describe the parcel as best as we can, so that when you open it you will experience only positive emotions. Prior to manufacturing process you will be given the exact cost of delivery.